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Harry B James

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Restaurang Mozzarella- Flen

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Trapper- Avesta

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KGB -Stockholm

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Gästis - Eskilstuna

» 9 Augusti 20.00 2013
   Perrongen, Lokstallarna



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We are very happy to be selected as one of the competitors in the Firebrand Rock Radios Band of the Month Competition for August.
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The Musicvideo for MISS DANGEROUS is now Released

Ladies and Gentlemen
 Swedish Customers, Wicked Temptation are now available here:

    The long-awaited album is out NOW!
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Album Reviews:

" Wicked Temptation" a complete work , gritty and done with so much passion and fun!
Armed with an attractive sound and a scathing front lady , Anna, expanding their sound with great technique and passion.
In conclusion a great job , not only recommended for fans of the genre but also to those who appreciate good music!".

Rating 8/10

"Damn awesome and if you are able to sit still during this type of music, may I suggest you get a life."

Rating 7,5/10

"Aaah ... Lita Ford is back and finally has good songs
Anna Savage ( hell yes ... cool name ) . She is the perfect mix between Marya Roxx and even Lita .
Rating: 9/ 10

"The Vanity Blvd have packed a great job , perfectly in tune with the typical glittery glam rock of the 80s. This band is no joke at all , so hold on tight and get ready for a trip to the glam rock flavor on Sunset Boulevard."
Rating 4/5

"Wicked Temptation" will be released as CD and LP on February 8th 2014 through Noisehead Records.

"Now the long wait is finally over and we are really proud to announce our upcoming album
Wicked Temptation. We have put our heart and soul into this release and we hope you will love it as much as we do. Vanity BLVD are back and stronger than ever!"
/Anna Savage - vocals

Recorded at Deep Blue Studios with producer Nicko DiMarino (Steelwing) and mastered at Black Lounge Studios by Jonas Kjellgren (Amorphis, Pain, Overkill) "Wicked Temptation" presents high-octane hardrock deeply rooted in the late 80's Sunset Strip sound, all driven forth by the energetic and charismatic frontlady Anna Savage.

Tracklisting :

01. Dirty Rat
02. Miss Dangerous
03. Do or Die
04. Hot Teaser
05. Had Enough
06. Soulshaker
07. Scream Out
08. Thrills in the Night
09. Falling Down
10. Desperate Heart
11. Dirty Action

New Swedish Interview about the next album, with Anna Savage


Concert Review by Rockbladet and Charlotte Whitehead 2013-12-07

Photo by Eva Lammi